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    Hi all

    I've narrowed down an other data problem on my media card to downloading movies off BlackBerry world.

    For example if I download a movie to the device it's fast and never fails. However when downloading to the media card the download pauses and I have to pause unpause the download to get it going again. Eventually I will get the movie. BUT a 2gb movie produces 10gb of other data yes 10!

    I'm thinking my stock 16gb card which came with my storm 2 can't write fast enough and it's borking my downloads.

    I don't have another card to check but am wondering if a new card is in order. What have your experiences downloading movies to the SD card been like?

    Have no problems with music or pictures. I also have no other data issues if the movie is restored by link.

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    11-23-13 07:52 AM
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    While writing this post my video download failed and this is how my media card looks now lol. It was just formated. Lol
    Possible media card issue-img_00000389.png

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    11-23-13 08:01 AM
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    I'm having a similar issue right now with my 64 GB card: I've downloaded two movies from BlackBerry World and they've both timed out at times and I've had to restart them. At this point, I have almost my entire card used just with Other Data, and the movies are saved on the local device instead of the card! I'm not sure what would happen if I delete them and then try again with a reliable wifi connection...
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    11-29-13 12:11 PM

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