1. hxcellent's Avatar
    My coworker has a strange issue with his Sympatico email on his Z10. Whatever new email coming through, it only shows up for a few minutes and disappear. The device doesn't have any new email, only his sent email.

    He has a always-on home computer with an email client as well.

    Do you guys what's going on? Does the server auto delete the email after the home computer retrieves it?
    09-11-13 08:55 PM
  2. SHOBOKSHY's Avatar
    Do you mean the email disappears as in deleted or is it marked unread?

    Try to switch of the home computer and see what happens.
    09-11-13 09:11 PM
  3. ibpluto's Avatar
    If he has his client on at home, and he has the settings to delete the email from the servers once received by the client it could be what is deleting the email on the device.

    Tell him to look at his settings and turn off the delete from server once received by client option

    CB10'n it.....via my Z
    09-11-13 09:14 PM
  4. hxcellent's Avatar
    @shobokshy - it disappears.

    @ibpluto - I will ask him to try your suggestion. Thanks for your help.

    09-11-13 10:08 PM
  5. southlander's Avatar
    The problem is likely :

    On his home PC he is using POP protocol to retrieve and delete messages from the server.

    On his BlackBerry he is using IMAP protocol. So it simply syncs to what it "sees" on the server.

    So messages would appear and then disappear on his phone under that scenario.

    The answer is either stop using POP on the PC. Change it to IMAP as well.

    09-11-13 10:16 PM

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