1. BB_makes_it_happen's Avatar
    Has anyone had this problem?

    - I loaded 500 songs onto my micro SD card.
    - the songs are in one folder
    - inserted card back into my BlackBerry (Z30)
    - the BlackBerry music app reads the folder but separates the songs into 500 individual songs
    - the 500 songs are all from the same 'album', ie. 500 top songs of all time
    - I want to keep them together within the music app, i.e. under one Album
    - I can make a Playlist but need to add each song individually
    - is there another way to do this?

    Posted via CBten with the Zthirty.
    10-04-14 07:55 AM
  2. Dazlr Boy's Avatar
    500 songs of same album....are u kidding.....LoL
    Its not an album, ,it will become a folder...and this default music app will not take them as a single folder or playlist ....
    Here is an app name "no tag player" ..select the whole folder which u want and set them as ur playlist....

    Posted via CB10
    10-04-14 08:01 AM
  3. BB_makes_it_happen's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll take a look.

    As for the 500 songs - each song has the same "album" cover (tagged to each file).

    They remain a set - meaning each song is ranked amongst the other 499 songs.

    In the BlackBerry music app each song is identified (unfortunately individually) by the same "album" cover icon.

    Thanks again.

    Posted via CBten with the Zthirty.
    10-04-14 08:33 AM

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