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    Tip: How can you use a BB10 PHONE in 2019 to use the Province of Ontario's Triplinx public transit trip planning software? You can't? Not so fast, you can if you do this little trick....(turn off the maps...they're GoogleMaps it seems).

    A little background....So Triplinx provides access to route planning on the TTC (Toronto Transit), GO Transit (Greater Toronto Regional commuter Rail and bus service), and other towns and city transit routes in Southern Ontario. Of course, before doing so, you need to know where you are and where you are going....so you might have the bb10 native maps opened as well (separate from the browser), or other map alternatives in the browser.

    So if you are planning a summer vacation in Ontario (a nice time to go), or any other time of the year, you can still use your BB10 phone to plan your trips.

    How so from the BB10 Browser?
    Step 1. Go to the website at: http://Triplinx.ca
    Step 2. Immediately go to the Settings option on the main menu.
    Step 3. Locate and disable the "Map Display" option on this menu (easy to find there are only two options here.
    A place to Grow, seeing Ontario? Public transit trip planning? BB10  & TripLinx.ca-triplinx.ca-turnoff-map-display720x720.png

    That's it. You are now able to search a route from your base to a site to see .
    For example try....University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (as START)
    then try ...Toronto Zoo (as END) ...now some might argue this origin and destination is in fact the same thing, but I assure you it is not. Then select a date and time. Then hit the [PLAN TRIP] button....and voila you will get some suggested ways of getting there.

    Note: if you do not turn the "Map Display" off, then the app will do nothing when you select the [PLAN TRIP] button. Probably due to the fact that this is a website that depends on Google Maps and for some reason refuses to work on a bb10 in the Browser. Though I can't see why it shouldn't work as this is a Browser implementation and not an APP so to speak. But anyways Happy Holidays...or business trip etc to Ontario/Toronto.
    (PS especially if you are now a bit ansy about using Uber). The TTC has a Daily Pass for Two Adults and several children up to 19years for use on weekends and holidays.

    Happy Travels.
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    This little tip is good for millions of daily commuters in Ontario as well, doing the daily public transit grind to work and home again...many of whom are also students, high tech workers and managers to name just a few.
    04-19-19 01:32 AM

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