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    I'm resurrecting this thread to report that picture password just stopped working on my PassportSQW100-1/, after working fine for almost a year. As others have described, the toggle in settings just turns itself off. I do have an outlook.com account, but haven't made any recent changes to it.

    In addition, perhaps related, my outlook.com calendar has stopped syncing on my Passport.

    Edit: a hard reset fixed the calendar sync, but not the picture password.
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    Hey ubizmo. I had the same problem. Used picture password for a year and then when I recently updated my OS to the official 10.3.2 I lost the ability to use Picture Password. Thank you very much for resurrecting this thread.

    I had my work email account, which uses oulook.com, set up on my phone. Once I deleted that account from my phone the picture password option was again available. I currently have picture password set on my phone, have tested it, and it works. I think having a work email account on my phone removed the picture password feature from my phone for "security" reasons. Hope this helps.

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