1. adonesc's Avatar
    Two days after having downloaded the 10.2 OS update, I really, really regret it...

    Over all the phone performs slower. Everything, from apps, games are twitchy full of glitches and take longer to load. Also the functions of the phone, like the calendar, the phone itself appear to also perform slower...

    The browser crashes and shuts down unexpectedly time after time. I cleared all the history and cookies and the other information in the cache and nothing...still the same...

    To top it all off, yesterday I tired to shutdown my phone...and of course lo and behold instead of turning off, my phone, kep turning itself on. I tried 3 times, and 3 times it turned itself on...it was only due to the fact that battery was completely drained that it finally shut itself off.

    I recharged the phone and now in the morning as I was trying to turn it on, the only thing I got was the BlackBerry name and then it got stuck. I tried holding down the on/off button...nothing....did the same with the volume buttons...nothing. I let it be initially to see what it would do by itself...notching it stayed blocked for over an hour. I had to open the backcover and pull out the battery and reinserted it before the phone finally re-started...

    What the hell is going on? Why all these bugs and problems? I swear 10.1 was better than 10.2. There were issues with 10.1 also, but not to this extent!

    PS The one little positive thing I discovered is on the keyboard. For example if you type and then want to delete something, go to the delete (x) button press it and then slide away from it, in that manner you can erase several words at the same time...

    Winter Is Coming
    10-31-13 11:33 AM
  2. adonesc's Avatar
    Oh yeah...

    Phone model: Z10-STL 100-3
    Carrier : Fido

    Winter Is Coming
    10-31-13 11:37 AM
    I haven't experienced any issues on the 10.2 update

    Posted on CB10 via ZEDTRO10
    10-31-13 12:28 PM
  4. adonesc's Avatar
    Then you are lucky...I have and I was looking for some advice and help, but heaven forbid you say something negative, even when problems are real and more and more people are reporting them.

    Typical reaction, pretend there are no problems and wish them to go away...hmmm I wonder however BlackBerry ever got in the situation is in right now?!

    Winter Is Coming
    10-31-13 03:29 PM
  5. vespesian's Avatar
    My z10 takes an incredibly long time to start after installing 10.2 - I press the power button on and the red LED light comes roughly 10 seconds later. Lotsa of other glitches, which are discussed elsewhere on this forum, as well.

    10.2 kinda sucks, TBH.

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 10:10 PM
  6. GSM-S's Avatar
    I'm running Z10STL100-3/ on Fido. No more problems anymore. The extended search was bugged and was fixed by toggling parental controls on and off.

    Perhaps reload the OS using BlackBerry Link? Maybe that would work.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10.
    11-01-13 02:34 AM
  7. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Sounds like a bad download. Grab another download, load it, definitely do a Security Wipe to clean out any leftover install bits, and NO SETTINGS RESTORE. Only restore apps and media.

    Trusted Member Genius
    11-01-13 07:10 AM
  8. adonesc's Avatar
    Thank you for the advice! Nice to see other BlackBerry users that can actually give helpful hints and tips, instead of...the same redundant non-sense from rabid fanboys...

    Winter Is Coming
    11-01-13 09:27 AM

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