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    Phone cannot be silienced.-img_20150717_084544.png

    My Z10 is on the latest Rogers OS.

    I am having multiple issues with it, the most annoying being that I cannot silence the phone.

    I am using the Hub++ app with the phone. And until now, the app with the phone has worked perfectly. Right now, if I silence the phone from the quick setting menu, the phone will still give off normal notification even though the quick setting menu would show silent.

    So if I want to silence the phone, I have to go to the Hub++ app, and silence it there which can be inconvenient.

    I have done a full security wipe, and reinstalled the OS but to no avail.

    Another issue that I am having is with Bluetooth.
    I have my phone connected to my Pebble watch and my car audio. When those two are simultaneously connected, the watch or the car audio will often lose connection, whereas before I would connect those two without any issues.

    I have already done a OS reinstall so I am not sure what I can do next. With the Bluetooth issue and the phone notification issue, the phone is unusable.

    My Z10 is still in the warranty, so I might just go that route.

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    07-17-15 10:52 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Did you restore the phone when you reloaded the OS or Wiped it.... if so, try again without restoring settings.

    If you didn't.... I don't know... other than to try a different version. If isn't the official Rogers version, you might want to replace it with the official anyway if you are taking it back.
    07-17-15 02:38 PM
  3. der_mit's Avatar
    Why not try this first.
    Uninstall hub++
    Delete the troublesome Bluetooth connections

    Restart your phone and then re install hub++ and pair the BT connections again.

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    07-17-15 03:45 PM
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    Hub++ has issues with 10.3.xx.

    I may have found a workaround for it not always following the particular sound profile you're using. After installing it, by NOT using the
    Hub++ on/off button in the app, it seems to work fine. If I use the on/off button, then I have found it will stop following the phone profile (normal, silent, etc).

    This is still a work in progress as its only been a few days so we'll see. But so far so good.

    EDIT: after a restart Hub++ stopped working properly and I see no way to fix it other than a delete and reinstall (be sure to backup). It will work fine again until the next restart. Not a great workaround to be sure, but I don't restart my phone very often so I guess it's doable for now.

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
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    07-17-15 04:08 PM

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