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    I went to my phone after leaving it for a few hours while doing other things, only to find my Z30 heavily draining it's battery. I'm guessing it's some android app, but I've been growing increasingly frustrated with and confused by how Battery Usage reports battery drain. I also am liking headless apps less and less as I can't tell at all if they're still running or not, with only a couple exceptions. The CPU charts show something is running, but I am hard pressed to know why Standby is about half of my phone's battery drain thus far.

    How does Battery Usage split up usage anyways? Say you use android app x heavily but it burns 2% of the battery and yet System and Android Player have gone through the roof in use.

    I'm also on 2267 and using stl-5 fwiw.

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    02-13-15 09:36 AM
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    02-13-15 09:37 AM
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    ...I can't see the screenshots I uploaded? If they even did?

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    02-13-15 09:37 AM
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    Phantom battery drain-img_20150213_101853.pngPhantom battery drain-img_20150213_102719.pngPhantom battery drain-img_20150213_102835.png

    So CB10 isn't playing nice with attaching pictures and crackberry.com on the bb10 browser doesn't seem to have a means to attach photos. Or I can't find it, so sorry for the delay, but here it is.
    02-13-15 09:47 AM
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    Are you in a bad signal area?
    The fact that your screen shots didn't upload point to that and if your device is constantly trying to find a signal that would eat up your battery .

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    02-13-15 09:51 AM
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    Ok, I see they uploaded

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    02-13-15 09:53 AM
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    Nah 5 bars consistently and I happened to be on a strong wi-fi signal at the time. I do enjoy the signal I get with the Z30

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    02-13-15 10:08 AM
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    I'm having the exact same issue, just started today when I was at work. Went from about 70% battery at noon to dead by 3:00. Device Monitor shows similar spikes in CPU and Battery Usage... Apparently STANDBY (whatever that is) used 107% of my battery life in the last 48 hours (with a huge spike starting today)
    Phantom battery drain-img_20150214_181843.png
    02-14-15 06:20 PM

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