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    The Globe article published yesterday and revised this AM should give anyone who loves BBRY pause for thought about how things will be going forward.
    This is one of the best articles that I have read, I do searches for news on BlackBerry quite often but I had missed this, Thank you very much.!

    I still will remain positive and invasion BlackBerry as a key player in mobile communicating.

    How BlackBerry blew it: The inside story - The Globe and Mail

    Mr. Lazaridis declined to discuss any such plans, but it is clear he believes the BlackBerry story is not over.

    “Many companies go through cycles. Intel experienced it, IBM experienced it, Apple experienced it. Our job was to reinvent ourselves, which we all believed BB10 would do,” he said.

    “The fact that a Canadian company was able to compete in that space with two of the largest tech companies in the world is a big deal. People counted IBM, Apple and other companies out only to be proven wrong. I am rooting that they are wrong on BlackBerry as well.”

    With reports from Tara Perkins, Omar El Akkad and Iain Marlow
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    Ah, Katiepea, you jump from post to post just bringing cheer and joy where ever you go. Just 'cause the word genius appears under your name on crackberry, doesn't make it true. You have your points, you have expressed them over and over on many threads (not stocking just happen to be hitting the same threads recently). So, why not let the OP have his point of view and just move on? Or is it that important to keep your post count up?
    You sir or Madam clearly have no idea what a forum is then, do you? Can she not express her views as well. Wow.

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