1. motec bb's Avatar
    Its been mentioned several times here on the forum, (and I am experiencing it now)
    There's a bug in the Parental Controls Settings, that when you unlock any blocked setting, the setting still stays blocked.

    For example; you block the browser, go back and unlock it, but it still stays unlocked. Same is true for BBM and the general "install applications" setting.

    Does anyone know which exact files of the OS need to be re installed in order to reload this setting?
    (or is that impossible and the whole OS needs to be reloaded)

    ((using but this was a problem on previous OS's including the official 10.2.1))

    Or is there just a simple way of fixing this, without reloading the OS?
    (hard reset doesn't help)
    02-08-15 03:17 PM

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