1. currentuser's Avatar
    One of my calendars which I use regularly on my desktop via MS Outlook 2010 is an Exchange calendar. I use categories a lot, and have sorely missed the ability to see those categories on my BlackBerry (currently a Q10 on AT&T).

    This morning, I noticed that they're back. Not in contacts, but in the calendar appointment. Which. Is. Awesome! Did I miss the announcement? In any case, thought I'd share the good news in case someone else hadn't seen it.
    07-26-14 04:40 PM
  2. Foppa_21's Avatar
    Noticed this recently as well. I don't think you can edit them from your BlackBerry. Or give a BlackBerry created appointment a category. But it definitely feels like a step forward.

    Posted with my Z10 via CB10
    07-26-14 05:08 PM
  3. currentuser's Avatar
    Yes, I checked to see if there were any way via the options on the handheld, and couldn't find any. Perhaps it was a change on the Exchange server settings.
    07-26-14 05:22 PM
  4. nightridah's Avatar
    Can you post a screenshot OP?

    07-27-14 03:59 AM
  5. currentuser's Avatar
    Outlook Calendar Categories-img_20140727_083038.png
    Here is a pic of a sample appointment. I created it in Outlook, and assigned three categories to it. They appear at the top, as you can see.
    07-27-14 12:43 PM
  6. bmorgan67's Avatar
    Yes I noticed that a while ago. Unfortunately they are not colour coded. That would be sweet. Put it on the list of features to add BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-14 03:32 PM
  7. joeldf's Avatar
    I noticed several months back with one of the 10.2.1 updates that categories showed up for exchange calendar entries.

    However, my needs are more for categories for contacts synced to Outlook over EAS, which is still missing. In fact, if you edit a contact on the phone, the category gets completely cleared out back on the server and on my work PC. This messes up things back on the work PC.

    I've made this complaint in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, and in every survey that they had since last July when I first got my Z10. Not a peep from BlackBerry about that particular issue.

    Posted via CB10
    07-27-14 04:28 PM
  8. jjhrad's Avatar
    Recently got OS10.3.2.2168 and very disappointed to report that BlackBerry STILL does not let us sync our Outlook categories to Contacts. I have visited all kinds of forums, and people have been begging for this for a couple of years. It appears that BlackBerry could not care less. How could any company encourage feedback from its most loyal customers, and just continue to ignore this? To paraphrase Basil Fawlty, "we could run a perfectly good company if it weren't for those pesky customers!"
    07-27-15 04:04 PM

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