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    I'm still fairly new to BlackBerry, so please forgive the "dumb" question. I want to utilize OTG capabilities on my Pasport (loved this functionality on my old Nexus 7), and want to know if I need a specific standalone app for file transfer/management. If so, any recommendations?

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    07-13-15 10:55 AM
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    No - it 'just works'

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    07-13-15 11:01 AM
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    One of the nice things about BB10 is that a lot of functionality is built into the OS, and in this case you have File Manager which will show your USB drive and you can use it to transfer, copy files etc. When you open File Manager, click the 3 horizontal line icon on the lower left of the screen and all your drives will show up. From there you can select files and move, delete, copy to any other drive or media that exists. It is a little tricky to get used to but after using File Manager for awhile you will see how powerful it really is.
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    07-13-15 11:05 AM
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    Love to hear that. So the USB drive will simply read in file manager? (Sorry, I could just try this myself but I'm bored at work and my OTG cable is at home. :P )

    Edit: Brookie anticipated my follow-up. Cheers!

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    07-13-15 11:06 AM
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    07-13-15 11:07 AM

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