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    I have read all the threads I could find related to my issue, but I could not really find one which will resolve the issue I am facing. Apologies if I have missed something. The issue I am facing is:

    The same SMS conversation has disappeared for the second time in the course of the past year. It contains important data for me, only part of which is backed-up. Nobody except me has access to the phone I doubt it was deleted by another person. Is it possible that there might have been a storage capacity issue that might have led to the system deleted the longest SMS conversation to free up space?
    My big question is, where are SMS conversations which were deleted by the OS BB10 are stored. Is the any way to retrieve a system-deleted SMS conversation?

    Concerning the back up, I can find no way to retrieve SMS conversations only from a Blackberry backup? I was concerned the rolling back to a backup done 2 weeks ago might delete the SMS data of the last two weeks indefinitely. So I have purchased an additional BB10 phone (Passport) and retrieved the 2 weeks old backup to it. Now I have the SMS conversation up to two weeks ago on a separate BB 10 phone.

    What is the best way to proceed?

    I have tried what was proposed in one of the threads for a system reboot (as opposed to simple phone shutdown and restart), but it did not make the missing SMS conversation reappear. I also tried to look for a Trash folder the OS10 File Manager, but I could not find any.

    Thank you,
    10-23-17 06:31 AM

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