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    So I've had to wipe my Z10 twice now, and still am having problems.. every time I switch out of an Android app to another app, and then go back to that Android app, it has frozen up, and doesn't respond to any screen touches..

    are Android apps not treated the same as native apps when it comes to multitasking, or do I just have bad luck? I'm using software release, OS release.

    I have had this problem with the newest runtime 'fix' installed from BBworld as well as with the runtime.
    11-09-13 11:11 PM
  2. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Well of course multi-tasking is handled differently, but the effect should be the same. Are you having problems with side loaded or official ported apps?

    Posted via CB10
    11-09-13 11:15 PM
  3. BennyX's Avatar
    well, Ghost Commander and Skype are both android apps I got off BBworld and they have the freezing problem as well, which means the problem isn't with my signing, debug token, or installation method. The issue seems to affect all Android apps, no matter where they come from.

    I don't have issues with any apps that came with the OS or with native apps.

    I'll do one more wipe, and this time I won't install a debug token. I also won't install the 6MB-sized OTA 'update' that shows up when I check for updates. Instead I'll do a full update from Blackberry's website. If that doesn't fix it, then there's nothing I can do...

    update: yay, third wipe is the charm.. (i suspect the original OS update borked something and only a complete write over it could fix the problem)
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    11-09-13 11:29 PM

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