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    Something that really drives me up the wall is seeing inconsistencies in design and functionality.

    So let's look at a couple in BB10.

    Calendar app - you go to add an appointment and you're presented with the screen that prompts for Subject, Location and Participants. you tap Subject and start typing. As you do this, the word Subject gets small and relocates to the top of the text input field. The same happens for the next two fields. Looks nice, and it gives you the added benefit of knowing which field you're typing in. Face it, we've all gone to a webpage, clicked to start typing in a login field and forgot if we're supposed to enter an email address or username because the default text disappeared when we clicked in the box.

    Now open up the contacts app and add a contact. Immediately you'll see that the input fields are of a different design than what's featured in the calendar app. And when you tap and start typing, the field name disappears instead of taking the same action as it does in the calendar app. This is inconsistent design and behavior across the native apps and I don't like it.

    Another functional inconsistency can be found in the contacts list.

    If you go into the contacts app, you have down the right side the alphabet which makes jumping to position in your contacts list quite quick and easy. However, if you compose a new email and call up the contacts list, this alphabet selector is gone. All you have is a search button.

    It's too bad BlackBerry never addressed these prior to abandoning the OS.
    01-08-16 02:08 AM

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