10-21-13 12:26 PM
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  1. Novaone's Avatar
    Disclaimer: I have not tried the leak, but I will give my "opinion" on 10.2 based on CB.

    10.2..... was never supposed to be great, it's *just* an update, nothing more.
    Unfortunately in true Crackberry fashion, as time goes by and the wait for anything becomes unbearable, the hype bubble expands with hot air.


    OMG another leak for 10.2?? I can't F'in wait to get home to install this, the current one is amazing, things can only get better.

    Really? Whats so amazing?

    Oh!! DuDee we're now getting Priority hub, toast notifications, lock screen previews and sooo much more and we don't even know what else is being withheld from the leaks!

    ^ And this is where the hype is created, the sooo much more bit, people start filling in the blanks and creating some illusion like there's a heck of a lot more in 10.2, when in actual fact from the extensive list, they are quite minor, nice to have, updates, nothing great (my opinion):

    * Grid lines on a camera
    * Some update on viewing attachments
    * Fixed copy & paste, supposedly
    * The phone makes a noise when you tap buttons etc etc

    The exhaustive list of everything that’s new in BlackBerry 10.2 | CrackBerry.com

    p.s Read the countless leaks threads on 10.2, the sheer anticipation created a pretty solid illusion of something great in the works, that's what happens when Blackberry limits the oxygen supply to their very limited but passionate fan base.

    It was never meant to be great, at times the CB community markets & hypes things better than Blackberry.
    Yeah good point

    and that was not really, an exhaustive list Simon! haha
    10-21-13 10:00 AM
  2. gnirkatto's Avatar
    I will be extremely happy with a decent copy and paste! I don't need much else - maybe a built-in print function would be good lol
    I think the new copy & paste functions through the little popup icons are very handy!
    10-21-13 11:23 AM
  3. adamlau's Avatar
    Copy & paste is still unwieldy. Give us Alt + touchscreen drag for copying/cutting!
    10-21-13 11:44 AM
  4. LWKING's Avatar
    the only thing i am surprised they didnt add to 10.2 is the battery % OPTION. it is available in all operating systems including the legacy BB os so i dont see any reasons why not adding something that useful.
    I agree that they should have added it, but this gets me by on my Q10.

    OS 10.2 is not a great update!-img_00000119.png

    Posted with my Q10!
    10-21-13 12:26 PM
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