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    I have several email accounts using the IMAP protocol and have recently noticed that an account has *two* sent folders (lets call them folders A and B) on my Passport.

    One of the folders is the IMAP sent folder (B) and syncs properly. If I write using my webmail I see a the message appear in Folder B on my Passport after a lag.

    The issue is that emails I write on my Passport are saved in the A Folder. This does not sync as there is no equivalent on the IMAP server when I login. I cant force the Sent-A to sync as there is no option when I long-press it.

    I have tried to move emails from folder A to B on my Passport but cant. In fact I cant move emails from Folder A to any of my other folders. If I try to delete messages in Folder A they disapeer and dont end up in the waste basket. ****I have tried using Blend but this doesnt add any functionality.

    Emails that I write on my Passport are thus orphaned on my phone. The only possibility is to manually forward each one but that several thousand emails!

    If I delete the account and then join again what will happen will all of the emails in the Sent-A folder be found?

    NB I have upadted to 10.3.3 yesterday - but there is stil no remedy

    Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

    Posted via CB10
    12-01-16 05:44 AM

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