1. skstrials's Avatar
    Is there anyway to automatically divide photos and videos into months when syncing?

    On my Symbian Nokia phone, the Nokia software created the file with "year - mo" in my photos and video file when I synced through the software.

    With BlackBerry Link, the BlackBerry software just creates a big "BlackBerry" folder when syncing automatically. So I have been moving files manually from file because I want the photos and videos divided into months.

    So anyway to get the BlackBerry software to do the month division automatically?

    Posted via CB10 using Blackberry Q10
    07-28-14 11:47 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I never sync my photos to Link but I would venture to say there is not a way to sync by the month.
    07-28-14 02:39 PM

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