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    So, let me say up front that I realize much of what I am going to say is not necessarily new, nor is one customers POV sufficiently important that it should overshadow the the greater needs of the business. However, I am a loyal customer and therefore wish to express my opinion anyway.

    Please do not give up on BB10. I know that promises have been made and that there will be future updates, but I am not talking about security patches or limited upgrades in functionality. I am talking about the entire OS. I have used all of the major operating systems and in fact returned to BB after using an iphone for an extended period. I have found that, in my opinion, BB10 represents the best user experience of any of those available to consumers and more importantly, it is still young by comparison. The potential for growth and evolution is astounding and for those of us that rely on our blackberry's every day, that promise is what frustrates us when we see or hear indications that those evolutions simply won't materialize. Nor does it appear that we will see future handsets using the OS.

    I am not saying that the decision to develop and launch Android handsets wasn't the right one. In fact, I think it was brilliant and believe that BB should continue to develop and push those products to market. I think that the android devices will help secure the bottom line for BB and provide a means of growing market share, particularly for new users who are not legacy BB owners but want the security of a BB and the benefits of a physical keyboard. Instead I am saying that if the Android experiment is successful it should ALSO fuel the growth of the core OS for BB.

    In the end, I am guess I am saying that I want to see what BB10 can really do. It is only a few years old and has yet to really be fully explored in terms of its potential for innovation and it already delivers an incredible blend of security, functionality and customization. With growth, the app gap will continue to shrink and the potential will really become apparent. Hopefully, this will provide BB with two functional OS approaches for the market and drive the company back into the discussion in terms of market share...

    Sorry for the long note. Just my point of view and wishful thinking!
    01-15-16 01:48 PM
  2. BCITMike's Avatar
    Move to armchair CEO forum.

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-16 01:54 PM
  3. early2bed's Avatar
    Whatever the decision is, it's likely that it has already been made and implemented. I can't imagine the BB10 team has been doing very much since last year so it may have been disbanded.
    01-15-16 04:05 PM

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