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    Since changing from a Q10 to a Classic, I have been getting the odd alert telling me something about updating a password for an account bearing my PC's name. I never quite worked out what this meant and didn't know I had a password for it so, till I worked it out, I was just deleting the alert each time.

    This week I got another but, when I clicked 'Delete', it said, 'The account has been deleted'. Now my calendar has no entries, and several contacts have also been deleted.

    I'm assuming these are all entries linked via BB Link to my PC. Is there any way I can recreate this account? If so, are the entries still there on my Classic but hidden, or are they completely deleted? If the latter, is the only way to sync from the last time I used BB Link?

    If I need to connect to Link and sync from PC to device, will that recreate the account?

    Going forward, why are there two accounts, 'PC Name' and 'Home'? It's been like that since I use BB7. Is there a way of just having one account?
    08-14-15 01:49 PM
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    I'm not an expert on sync issues, so unfortunately I can't help you there.
    However I've edited the thread title to hopefully be a bit more clear about your issue. Hope that gets the attention of someone that could help!

    PS Please update your profile to include device, carrier, and location. This makes it easier for others to help you.
    08-14-15 05:26 PM
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    What kind of account?
    Was the account deleted just from the phone or entirely gone?
    Was it a Web based account? If so you can add that back into your phone. If it wasn't deleted.
    Plug link in and try it. You have nothing to lose.

    Easiest way to save contacts is through Gmail, outlook or a different email service that has contacts. Once the email account is added to the phone and you use the contact sync then they go in your contacts. And when you add new ones you have the option to save to the email account.

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    08-14-15 06:23 PM
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    What kind of account?
    Sorry, I thought I had included that! I sync to Outlook.

    Was the account deleted just from the phone or entirely gone?
    That's what I don't yet know. I've only just got back home, so will try connecting to BBLink later and hope everything is there up to my last sync, which looks like it was last Sunday.

    I just wondered if the data, right up to when I clicked on the alert, were still on the device, just not now attached to the 'PC Name' account, which I could recreate in some way? Or did it delete the account with the data?

    And does everyone with a BB10 phone have two 'accounts' for their calendar and contacts? Is that just the way the system is, or has my data been carried over like that from BB7?
    08-15-15 02:15 AM
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    If you had your contacts and calendar synced with Outlook then it's normal.
    Once you delete the account all entries are gone.
    When you create a new contact for example, you must have noticed that you have the option to choose where to create the contact, ie local account, outlook, gmail, etc.
    So if the contact is stored only on the pc (outlook) account, then you lose it once you delete the PC account.

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    08-15-15 02:22 AM
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    Phew, sorted. Not at first, mind you. First I tried to sync my Outlook back to the device but it only transferred the current week, nothing earlier despite having 'All entries' selected in Link.

    So I told Link to 'forget' the Classic and synced again as a 'new' device. That worked.
    08-15-15 06:58 AM

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