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    After the upgrade to OS 10.2.1 I've found that Today's all day events no longer shows up in the Hub, only Tomorrow's. Is it supposed to be like this? I clearly seem to remember that Today's all day events showed up in the Hub previous to the latest upgrade... Either that, or I'm going loco...

    Anyone else notice this new behaviour in the Hub? I find this behaviour quite annoying since I use the Hub all the time to check my schedule, but when my all day events aren't showing anymore (only tomorrow's), it becomes annoying and it makes it harder to remember things like birthdays et cetera.

    Please reply if you are experiencing the same thing and/or you have a solution to my problem.
    Thank you.
    02-06-14 10:27 AM
  2. Barbareren's Avatar
    I've looked into it more now, and it seems that the problem only occurs when it comes to recurring events. All day events (and other non-all day events, does in fact get displayed in the Hub on the actual day. However, as soon as you make a recurring event it does not get displayed in the Hub on the actual day, only on the day before. I find this incredibly annoying! I can't believe that nobody else has mentioned this issue before...

    Prior to the Q10 I used an Android device where I had a widget on my home screen displaying my upcoming events (user defined), so in this particular case it seems like a step backwards with the Q10. Wouldn't change it for any other phone though, as the perks by far outweighs this nuisance. BlackBerry 10 is also the best all-round mobile OS I have ever used (and I have used almost all of them (starting with Symbian OS in 2002)). It really shouldn't be necessary to open the Calendar app every single day to see if I have missed a recurring event though!

    Any ideas?

    02-06-14 01:27 PM

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