1. ssbtech's Avatar
    What's the OneDrive file size limitation for uploads? I'm trying to upload a 131MB file and getting the error that it's too large.

    I also just tried to copy it to DropBox, it sat for a while then stopped, no error and the file isn't on my DropBox account.

    And of course the remote file access feature to my PC isn't working... again...
    08-04-15 09:13 PM
  2. jhanks64's Avatar
    I have my Passport set to Auto upload camera pics and video to Onedrive. Almost any time I do any video of any size, I get a notification that it's too large when it tries to upload it.

    According to what I see when I Bing it, the limit is more like 10GB.

    I have not noticed the issue with Box.
    08-04-15 11:18 PM
  3. ssbtech's Avatar
    The upload limit through the BB10 file manager appears to be much lower than the max file size for OneDrive.

    It was a 131MB Parrot recording.

    And it's still not on DropBox, so I don't know what it did with the file...
    08-05-15 12:48 AM
  4. XxWile_E_CoyotexX's Avatar
    I looked this up a while back no it turns out that Microsoft limits uploads via api calls to 100megs, which really sucks since its less than 2 minutes of video on a z30.

    Posted via  Z30 (OS
    08-05-15 12:56 PM
  5. Qaddafi's Avatar
    It's not a fix to your problem, but what about using the mobile website? They updated the site a few weeks back and it seems friendlier to mobile users.

    Posted via CB10
    08-05-15 01:30 PM

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