04-17-13 02:28 PM
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  1. Michopo's Avatar
    I hope you're kidding because we know Bold Until Hybrid Comes sure was.
    I know he was but it still stands I'm offering free smiley faces for anyone who writes a thread telling us of how awesome their Blackberry 10 phone is! This offer shall only last for the next 3 weeks after that you will have to pay for it. To everyone, please reply to this post if you want to reserve some smiley faces. (those two were free)
    01-29-13 12:29 PM
  2. Mercury's Avatar
    bah, stupid work firewall, someone said something on page 13 that our system firewall caught and our work firewall blocked it... oh well, onto page 14 now lol
    01-29-13 12:29 PM
  3. birdman_38's Avatar
    I'll have popcorn in hand!
    01-29-13 12:30 PM
  4. anthonybaker's Avatar
    Holy smokes, its less then 24 hrs away!
    ELavar likes this.
    01-29-13 12:30 PM
  5. djenkins6's Avatar
    Looking forward to getting our two new phones on 5th February (who wants to buy two unlocked 9810's)
    01-29-13 12:30 PM
  6. QuickDime's Avatar
    I've been retweeting good tweets with #TeamBlackBerry like crazy on Twitter
    01-29-13 12:30 PM
  7. ubizmo's Avatar
    Hold on a minute. My handle is because of my device....Bold....Bolderholder. What's my new handle going to be? Z10 isn't exactly easy to work with here....

    Damn...less than 24 hours to figure this out.

    Edit: aahhh, I got it. I'll "launch" my new handle tomorrow as well...
    ilikebacon likes this.
    01-29-13 12:32 PM
  8. russnash's Avatar
    As a developer who has been lucky enough to have his hands on a Dev Alpha since last summer, I have to say that it has made me even more impatient for BB10!!! Took the day off of my day job tomorrow so I can watch the announcement on my PlayBook hooked up to big screen TV!!

    Can't wait!
    01-29-13 12:34 PM
  9. kreeker's Avatar
    Got my $50 deposit in at Best Buy for a Z10, still debating on black or white. Hoping it comes soon as my Curve 9300 has taking to scrolling pages on its own.
    01-29-13 12:34 PM
  10. The_Adventist's Avatar
    bb10 bbm group, hit it up.

    see attached file
    hope this works.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
    Thanks, hooked up.
    01-29-13 12:35 PM
  11. peacefulberry's Avatar
    Thank you for responding...do you think that ppl will be able to transfer everything from their BB 7 device to the BB10s?
    01-29-13 12:37 PM
  12. Mercury's Avatar
    Thank you for responding...do you think that ppl will be able to transfer everything from their BB 7 device to the BB10s?
    Should be able to with the new BB Link desktop software
    peacefulberry likes this.
    01-29-13 12:38 PM
  13. jagrlover's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to finally being able to watch hockey highlights. And hopefully being able to stream European and International soccer while at work.(I don't work in an office).
    01-29-13 12:40 PM
  14. peacefulberry's Avatar
    Sounds good...Well, now all I have to do is wait...
    01-29-13 12:41 PM
  15. Mercury's Avatar
    Thank you for responding...do you think that ppl will be able to transfer everything from their BB 7 device to the BB10s?
    I should edit my post, but all your apps will have to be redownloaded, as they won't be compatible with BB10 OS, but a majority of the apps will be there at launch. So you should be able to transfer contacts, emails, txts and such, no apps will be backed up and initiated on BB10
    01-29-13 12:45 PM
  16. iToya's Avatar
    Waiting sucks...
    I'm streaming right from work. Small offices are THE BEST!
    01-29-13 12:46 PM
  17. anoojshah's Avatar
    While you all wait, check out my thoughts on how RIM needs to execute on their retail strategy to make BB10 a success.

    Random Thinkr: RIM's Retail Adventure with BlackBerry 10
    01-29-13 12:49 PM
  18. kdna's Avatar
    Going to purchase the full-touch for my business. It's going to be EPIC.
    01-29-13 12:49 PM
  19. jgrzadka's Avatar
    I am #222 on the ROGERS pre-order waiting list. My contract, which I signed 3 years ago, expires for my bold 9790 on February 4th. The timing could not be more perfect for a February 5 renewal with a Blackberry 10 in hand.
    01-29-13 12:50 PM
  20. pfresh63's Avatar
    Been waiting for the new blackberry forever!!!

    Although I love the keyboard on my BB9900, I think im going to get the z10. Going to give a touch keyboard another try after 2 failed attempts with the iphone, i kept going back to blackberry.

    Anyone have any updates if the blackberry 10 is going to have instagram? Havent heard anything about that yet.
    01-29-13 12:50 PM
  21. kpbutton's Avatar
    I'm getting more pumped as I got through all the pages. Everytime I click on a new page, a new one adds to the list. My kids are so sick of me talking about BB10 and my wife could care less so I don't even discuss it. Like many other posts, I've never been this excited about an electronic device ever.

    I am a proud torch owner because I wanted/needed the screen and keyboard options. I doubt that I will look at anything but the Z10 due to how amazing it looks and shows itself off. My heart is racing, just thinking about it...
    ctuffy likes this.
    01-29-13 12:55 PM
  22. Mercury's Avatar
    #4 on rogers waiting list in all of Canada!! Can you say diehard? Speaking of Die hard, who's going to go see the new movie on Valentines day?? I had the choice between getting the new BB10 or watching Die Hard with my gf on Valentines day.... BB10 won!!
    ctuffy likes this.
    01-29-13 12:55 PM
  23. VT95Hokie's Avatar
    As one of the few that liked my Storm and LOVE my Torch 9850, I'm excited to get my hands on the Z10 (esp. with Verizon LTE). Just wondering if I'm going to miss the trackpad that I do use quite a bit...
    01-29-13 12:58 PM
  24. ewakil12's Avatar
    OMG 20 hrs left for the prime time of the BlackBerry history! I need a Z10 ASAP!!! And of course I expect that the stock will go up 50% or more.. Stay tuned!
    01-29-13 12:58 PM
  25. DuexNoir's Avatar
    So super excited!! I can't wait to see how RIM will carry out the launch and all the new surprises! And see what the mystery colour will be!!

    Darn thing is I will have to miss some of it for a meeting if the launch goes longer than 2 hrs. Also, Heins is giving an interview right after the launch on one of the news channels (BNN? CBC? Can't remember). RIM is really going to kick it into high gear for the next few weeks after the launch. Good times coming for BB fans!
    01-29-13 01:00 PM
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