07-09-15 10:11 PM
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  1. chrisk_5's Avatar
    Did you purchased the Z10 from Vodafone? I have an Optus Z10 and Q10, I have tried with both Optus and Vodafone sims and still no luck with the update.
    I am on Telstra with a z30 no luch there i grabbed a Vodafone sim and that doesnt work either
    02-19-15 10:34 PM
  2. taveesh's Avatar
    OFFICIAL 10.3.1 Update Announcement Thread-img_20150220_103304.png

    Got mine too

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 11:04 PM
  3. Shayan Rehmani's Avatar
    Got a 10 MB update for my Q5 in Pakistan (unlocked).

    Nothing for Z10 STL-1 *points and laughs at it*
    I'm waiting for the update too here in pakistan for z10 :/

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 11:06 PM
  4. K SanJeet Singh's Avatar
    I got 10.3 update yesterday night; I am using leak one but 5mb update for official upgrade. Great great thanks to bb. For BlackBerry z10 in India.

    Posted via CB10
    Attached Thumbnails OFFICIAL 10.3.1 Update Announcement Thread-facebook-20150218-222937.png  
    02-19-15 11:11 PM
  5. Satty_sk's Avatar
    I dint get the update till now (india)....z10 stl100-4(unlocked)

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 11:22 PM
  6. llamax's Avatar
    Interesting that the day started with OS 2243 and is now at 2267.
    02-19-15 11:23 PM
  7. Jon Ryder's Avatar
    Sweet! Where are you located? I'm in Ontario and nothing yet.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z30
    Ya me and the wife are with Telus in Alberta and no update yet

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 11:29 PM
  8. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Oops - this accidentally posted whilst I was still in the middle of drafting my reply....
    Last edited by BigAl_BB9900; 02-20-15 at 05:36 AM.
    02-19-15 11:31 PM
  9. nitingauri's Avatar
    remove the SIM and try it via Wi-Fi
    02-19-15 11:37 PM
  10. nitingauri's Avatar
    I dint get the update till now (india)....z10 stl100-4(unlocked)

    Posted via CB10
    Remove the SIM and try again with Wi-Fi
    02-19-15 11:37 PM
  11. anon(8908445)'s Avatar
    After updating to the new OS check for app world updates before testing your new software..

    STA100-6 White
    02-19-15 11:45 PM
  12. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    BlackBerry Passport (SQW 100) - purchased UNLOCKED Jan 2015 - EE sim-only contract (UK) - was previously on BB10 OS Software Release, BB10 OS Version, eg official release (no leaks for me!)

    Received Notification re: Upgrade c. 2.30pm (GMT) 19th Feb 2015

    Download, install and re-boot took at least 2 hours (I left it on charge doing it's thing.....)

    OFFICIAL 10.3.1 Update Announcement Thread-img_20150219_160943.jpg

    Went to bed early (c.7.30pm) with phone in Bedside Mode - battery was at 100% - woke up c.5am with phone showing battery at only 11% charge

    I haven't used Skype for weeks - why had it turned itself on and used 42% of the Battery?

    More than a little concerned..... as on 10.3.0 had got used to 2-3 days usage before needing to recharge the battery......

    OFFICIAL 10.3.1 Update Announcement Thread-img_20150220_045949.jpg
    Last edited by BigAl_BB9900; 02-20-15 at 12:21 AM.
    02-19-15 11:46 PM
  13. anischab's Avatar
    Upgraded the passport using the Q10 as a hotspot. It took 1h25min to update coming from (old signature)

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS; Germany.
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    02-19-15 11:50 PM
  14. Umaima_B_Dia's Avatar
    [updated from post # 305]:

    Thread summary, for now (If I have made a mistake, it's because a user may have incorrectly constructed the sentence :P I apologise. Let me know, I'll correct it):

    Vivacell - Yes

    Telstra - Yes
    Optus - Yes
    Vodafone - Yes

    A1 - Yes
    Drei - Yes

    GrameenPhone - Yes

    Base - Yes

    VIVO - Yes

    MTEL - Yes

    Bell - No (someone in the comments section spoke to them and they said tomorrow)
    Koodo - Yes (some no)
    Rogers - Yes
    Telus - No (some yes)
    Fido - Yes
    Virgin - No

    Bell - No
    Koodo - No

    Sasktel - No

    Entel - Yes

    Claro - No

    MTN - No

    Czech Republic
    T-Mobile - Yes
    O2 - Yes

    Movistar - Yes

    Vodafone - Yes

    Vodafone - Yes

    Free Mobile - Yes
    SFR - Yes
    Orange - Yes
    Bouygues Tlcom - Yes

    Telekom - Yes
    Vodafone - Yes
    T-Mobile - Yes
    1und1 - Yes
    E-Plus - Yes

    Vodafone - Yes (some no)

    Cosmote - Yes

    Vodafone - Yes

    Tigo - No

    T-mobile - yes

    Docomo - No
    Idea - Yes
    BSNL - Yes
    Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone - Yes

    Matrix Network - Yes
    Telkomcel - Yes

    Wind - No
    Vodafone - Yes
    3 - Yes

    Kingston - Yes

    Zain - Yes

    Safaricom - Yes

    Ooredoo - Yes

    Touch - Yes

    Maxis - Yes
    Digi - Yes

    Telcel - Yes

    Telenor - Yes

    Vodafone - Yes

    New Zealand
    Spark - Yes

    Glo - Yes

    Ufone - No
    Telenor - No
    Warid - Yes
    Zong - Yes
    Mobilink - Yes

    Smart - Yes

    P4 (Play) - Yes

    MEO - Yes
    Vodafone - Yes

    Uhu - Yes
    Orange - no

    MTS - Yes
    BeeLine - Yes
    Orange - No

    Saudi Arabia
    STC - Yes

    MTS - Yes

    Singtel - Yes

    South Africa
    Vodacom - Yes
    Telkom - Yes
    Cell-C - Yes

    Orange - Yes

    Telenor - Yes
    Telia - Yes

    Orange - Yes
    Swisscom - Yes

    Turkcell - Some devices, Yes and some, No

    No news

    United Arab Emirates
    Etisalat - Yes

    United Kingdom
    3 - Yes
    Virgin - Yes
    Vodafone - Yes
    EE - Yes
    O2 - Yes

    United States of America
    AT&T - No
    Verizon - No
    Sprint - No

    Mobifone - Yes

    Airtel - Yes

    Shop BlackBerry and Amazon purchased devices have started receiving updates, regardless of carrier.

    Passport from Rogers will not receive for a couple of weeks
    - CB user D3C0D3R
    Last edited by Umaima_B_Dia; 02-20-15 at 02:04 AM.
    bungaboy likes this.
    02-20-15 12:26 AM
  15. Umaima_B_Dia's Avatar
    Might be worth mentioning which devices are being updated!
    The Passport on Rogers won't have it for a couple weeks :/

    Praise be unto our Lord Squircle | Passport SQW100-1/
    Not everyone have reported their devices (I updated with your information, though).

    Some users have only posted screenshots, some only carriers, some cities and some devices only :| so it's haphazard.
    02-20-15 12:30 AM
  16. Anshul_J's Avatar
    I didn't get the update on my Z10-STL-100-1, BSNL ,India. Now, I'm thinking of upgrading it by using Sachesi. Is it safe to upgrade by Sachesi???
    02-20-15 12:59 AM
  17. Umaima_B_Dia's Avatar
    I didn't get the update on my Z10-STL-100-1, BSNL ,India. Now, I'm thinking of upgrading it by using Sachesi. Is it safe to upgrade by Sachesi???
    02-20-15 01:03 AM
  18. yokogeri374's Avatar
    I'm on optus here in Australia got mine this morning, all good so far having a bit of a play around at the moment, really good!!

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 01:06 AM
  19. abhikumar5's Avatar
    Optus only released for Q10 but noting for the Z10

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 01:34 AM
  20. davide445's Avatar
    Wind Italy got the update notification, 997MB yesterday on my Z10 STL100-2

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 01:49 AM
  21. sargodian2's Avatar
    I received update only of 5mb
    OFFICIAL 10.3.1 Update Announcement Thread-img_20150220_073201.png

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 01:49 AM
  22. camanishpurohit's Avatar
    I have received update for BB Z30 in India. . its of 1GB size.
    Request all to manually check for the update
    Looking forward the same
    02-20-15 01:57 AM
  23. werkregen's Avatar
    Just received the update a few hours ago. 1565 on Orange EU. It was about 260 mb. Took about 1 hour for it to download and install and 10 minutes to reboot.

    Edit: Orange Romania phone unlocked.

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-15 01:57 AM
  24. anon(8908445)'s Avatar
    CellC - South Africa - received yesterday!

    STA100-6 White
    02-20-15 02:03 AM
  25. thalawan's Avatar
    Yes. Finally 10.3.1 update in Philippines. Z3 unlocked, Globe Prepaid. Can't wait to try it. Still downloading the update.

    Posted via BlackBerry Z3
    02-20-15 02:22 AM
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