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    After updating to, I reported an issue on another thread about Notification Active Profile resetting itself. I kept trying to change it to "Normal" setting but it continued to reset itself to "Phone Calls Only" setting.

    Trying to troubleshoot the issue, I found an odd fix that may be useful to any others who may have experienced the same issue. In Settings > Notifications > Active Profile, I created a new profile, named it (I called it ALL) and turned on all the notifications you would normally find in the "Normal" setting. I then made the new profile the default Notification Active Profile. Strangely enough, after I did this, my phone changed to the "Normal" setting as the default profile, which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

    Go figure!
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    02-27-15 06:29 AM
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    Thanks! Going to book mark this for people who have issues and refer them to this!
    02-27-15 06:58 AM

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