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    How many owners will be dusting off their PlayBooks to continue viewing their favorite flash content sites? I've actually found myself using my PlayBook more in the past couple of weeks. Not because of flash, though, but because I want a bigger screen for web browsing and don't want to spend all night in front of my PC. Also because my Z10's browser acts odd on some sites.

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    I have noticed that the PlayBook is slow as heck compared to my Z10 for web browsing. However, I have also noticed that my wife's iPad mini is just as slow as my PlayBook, if not slower. And I thought iDevices were supposed to be the epitome of speed and convenience. Also no difference with our Kindle Fire HD, either.

    Apparently the PlayBook still holds its own well enough against some newer competition despite what the naysayers would have you believe. They even nearly had me convinced that I should chuck my PlayBook and get some new Android tablet. I was considering a Note or Nexus. But if my PlayBook is still holding up against the "gold standard" of mini tablets, why upgrade? I think it's just a case of new web standards and content-laden sites taxing any tablet. It's to the point now that if you want a truly fulfilling experience, you need a laptop or desktop again. (Or a full-featured app.) Who knows, I might just pony up for a Surface Pro 3 in a few months.
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    Anyway, who else has [willingly or grudgingly] recommissioned their previously mothballed PlayBook?
    12-17-14 02:38 PM
  2. akawarrior's Avatar
    Not on 10.3 but it's nothing that serious really.. Some Android browsers have Flash built
    in or you can load the Android version of Flash.. If I'm not mistaken.. I elected to just stay
    with AT&T supported OS not because of Flash but because I just don't like
    10.3X.. Personally, I don't see the need for 10.3X.. Seems like a bunch of hype to me.
    Maybe versions way down the road but right now.. Naa... Fine with Find
    very few Android apps that I want to run that wont run on anyway.
    Besides I don't run many Android stuff's and I am no Gamer.. That's what makes
    the world go around is everyone is different. JMO.. :-)

    12-17-14 04:09 PM
  3. unical's Avatar
    Sold my 64GB PB for 30� couple months ago.. Glad that I found someone who makes use of it..
    12-17-14 07:53 PM

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