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    Hey everyone.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, or maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Here's my setup:

    Normal profile has "contentment" sound for emails. LED is set to "red".
    Silent profile has "no sound" for emails. LED is set to "red".

    Now, I also have customized Contact Notifications. For one contact (let's call her Sally) I have customized her email settings to:
    Sound: ON
    Ringtone: custom.mp3
    Vibrate: Profile Setting
    LED: Yellow
    Instant Previews: Profile Setting

    When I put my phone in the Silent profile, when this contact sent me an email, the email ringtone was not silenced. It played the custom.mp3 ringtone. Doesn't the Silent profile make everything silent?

    What I want to happen is this:

    Normal profile: General email ringtone for everyone with red LED; custom ringtone for specified contact with yellow LED.
    Silent profile: No ringtone for anyone with red LED; no ringtone for specified contact with yellow LED.

    Is this possible?
    02-20-15 12:05 PM

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