1. monolith82's Avatar
    Hi all!

    Got little problem since last week. When I call my wife or my wife calls me on BBM Video she can hear me but I can't hear her. When I put my ear closer to the speaker I can hear some noises and her voice (mine and her volume max). When she connects headset I can hear her clearly and everything as normal.
    Tried change volume - nothing.
    Tried battery pull reset - nothing
    Tried volume up volume down buttons hard reset and nothing.
    This only happened to my wife Q10. In my family we got three Q10s all Q10SQN100-3/ same and only her is the problematic one.
    Video playback, BBM Voice, phone calls etc. All working perfectly.
    Did some research on the net and found few case that people got something similar to my problem. They already tried security wipe etc. with no success so I am not tempted doing full wipe and getting everything back step by step.
    I'm running Linux so unfortunately Blend is not an option.
    Looks like volume settings for internal microphone are very very low for some reason, like it stuck software wise on something.

    Anybody any idea/solution?
    At the moment wife's using headset all the time when we doing BBM Video but this is not considered as a solution only as a temporary fix.

    Please help.

    Many thanks

    --- Monolith @  Q10SQN100-3/  ---
    07-19-16 02:11 AM
  2. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    I've used BBM Video numerous times, including quite recently, and haven't had any issues whatsoever.

    Sounds to me like you might want to consider reloading the OS. It's a drastic step, takes an hour or 2. For puzzling problems like this, it is usually a good solution.

    I use BlackBerry Link for backups and OS reloads. Works quite well. First backup your phone. I use the "custom" backup feature and only select those apps where I need to keep the history etc. Then do the OS reload. Run thru the initial setup. Then reinstall those apps that you did the backup for. Then do the "custom" restore. Then reinstall the rest of your apps and you're good to go.

    Good luck.

    Posted via CB10
    07-19-16 12:52 PM
  3. monolith82's Avatar
    Just find out today when my wife called me using regular mobile connection that loudspeaker is not working. It is not only BBM. Any connection using loudspeaker option is mute. She can hear me I can't hear her. Microphone and speaker works fine, because other connections working fine (headset, regular microphone/speaker)

    Any ideas anybody?

    --- Monolith @  Q10SQN100-3/  ---
    07-26-16 04:19 AM
  4. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    You could take her phone to a phone repair place and see if they can fix the loudspeaker used by the speakerphone.

    Or she could use a headset.

    Posted via CB10
    07-26-16 06:41 PM
  5. monolith82's Avatar
    Just did security wipe few hours ago. Nothing, still same problem. Doing security wipe 2nd time, maybe this time with success
    Problem is weird though. Looks like microphone settings volume wise set to lowest possible value. When I speak close to top microphone or whistle close to it I can hear everything on the other BlackBerry but very very silent and I have to put my ear close to the loudspeaker. Hmm...

    If security wipes will not help and nobody else will have any ideas I will need to sent my wife's BlackBerry to the service

    --- Monolith @  Q10SQN100-3/  ---
    07-27-16 07:06 AM

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