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    Good day all,

    I recently changed my phone package and took basic voice mail and ever since then, if someone calls and leaves a message, I get absolutely no notice that I have an unheard voice message waiting. I would imagine that even with basic voice mail packages the phone would still show somekind of notification...? I called my provider and they had no explanation for this. Any ideas? I have a Q10 by the way if that makes a difference.

    01-13-17 02:58 PM
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    If your carrier is AT&T you have to ask them to reset your visual voice mail for you.
    If you don't have VVM, you have to manually go into your voicemail settings (with at&t dial #1) and set it up.

    The idea of a person having to actually "set up" a program seems to have evaded users.
    Your carrier know less than you do about the devices they carry and first have to look up the issue.
    Consider or try to imagine,if you can.. that phone providers carry a few hundred different devices... not just the one you happen to have.
    You want to know how best to use everything your device offers?
    It's ALL in the HELP app right in your device. Your service provider gets the same information (with a print out of same manual)
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    I thank you for the info Lostboy5151, I don't however agree with your statement.

    First of all why would you assume that the carrier would necessarily know less about a device than any given particular customer? Everyone's knowledge level is not assuredly the same, therefore it's very possible that someone working for a carrier might have a better understanding of a device than a customer.

    Secondly, if a problem arises, like it did in my case, after a change that I made by calling the carrier, it would stand to reason that said problem might have been on the carrier's side. It's a logical conclusion to come to even if (in my case) it's not the right one. We're not talking about an app that I added to my phone or some functionality that I went and fiddled around with. I called the carrier, requested a change to my package and the problem started.You can't lump all calls for help in the category of "actually "set up" a program seems to have evaded users."
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