1. dcbo89's Avatar
    Recently picked up some nfc tags from tagger and have been having fun using them but it seems that after a little while they lose what I want them to do (toggle bluetooth for example) and it just opens the contacts page of the BBM app. This is a little frustrating. I'm using the Smart tags app that comes on the phone and I'm sort of hoping this is just a bug of the leak I am currently using but if anyone has any experience with this happening and knows how to stop it I'd really appreciate it.
    01-24-14 02:07 PM
  2. abal24's Avatar
    I have had this happen as well. I think it mostly happens if I have the BBM app open at the time of the tap. But I'm not sure. It hasn't happened in a while for me.
    01-24-14 07:57 PM

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