1. mshane's Avatar
    With the help from forum members and the short cut app I was able to create a macro on my former 9900 (OS7) that was triggered by an NFC tag that changed my call forwarding number depending on what office location I was at that day. I now have a Z10 and miss this functionally and would like to get it back. I know "macro" support has been limited in BB10. Does anyone happen to know a way to do this in BB10?

    m Shane
    05-21-14 12:29 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Very creative! No, I haven't heard of any way. Perhaps we can get some amazing Crackberrian here to help????

    Edit: put a call in to the Cavalry
    mshane likes this.
    05-22-14 12:47 PM

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