1. svelt's Avatar
    Just a quick post for anyone who happens to own an HP NFC-enabled laptop and a Z10 or other BB10 device. Seems like I can tap to send information fine between phone and computer. Never worked on the Galaxy S3 which it was intended for (documentation says NFC tap-to-share works for Android), but surprisingly it worked fine on the Z10. Note I am using the HP Envy Spectre 14, so all I can share are URLs. It also never worked on Windows 7 but works fine after I upgraded to Windows 8 and changed the NFC drivers.

    All I can really do with this feature is transfer URLs between phone to desktop, but still a neat feature to have, and a surprise that it works better on the Z10 than it did on some Android phones I've tested with NFC.
    02-26-14 01:22 AM
  2. bounce007's Avatar
    I have a Sony Vaio Fit and NFC sharing between my Z10 and computer work fine as well. I can only share URLs as well. I wish Microsoft would do something to expand the type of stuff that can be shared.
    02-26-14 03:17 AM

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