1. doeners's Avatar
    Hi All,

    We have printers at work that allows you to associate a nfc device/mifare card to you're user account.
    When i try i associate my blackberry, i have to associate it over and over again. So ik hookup a nfc reader to my pc. And i found out that every time my blackberry gets locked and i unlocks it the id of my nfc changes. So i can never associate my nfc id to my account.

    Is this standard BB 10 os ? Or can i change this behaviour.?
    11-02-15 05:16 AM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Hum. I'm not sure, but I believe for security reasons, this ID isn't permanent. AFAIK, it's meant to initiate a peer to peer recognition (say Wifi direct for instance), but not to handle it permanently.
    Not sure what's the process nor the protocol used by your printers though.
    Maybe a more techy contributor can help ?
    11-02-15 05:50 AM

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