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    Hi all,

    Newbie questions here from someone who just picked up their first BB10 phone (Q10) yesterday.

    Regards to the Facebook notifications, I'd really like to prioritise messages over the other stuff (like likes and comments etc), and if possible have a notification with sound and LED for messages only. Is this possible on BB10.2?
    02-15-15 06:51 AM
  2. arnavrs's Avatar
    There isn't a prioritsation feature. But you can filter messaged only from withing the facebook section of hub. (tap facebook from the overflow menu on the left in hub and then tap the arrow next to the facebook heading)
    You can alternatively switch off sync for other notifications and get updated for just messages.
    (account settings)
    You can also use priority hub, but that would require giving priority to each contact individually. (hold contact in hub and tap 'add priority'.

    These are all the solutions I could think off. As for the notification LED, that option will come with 10.3.1.

    Hope this helps.

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    02-15-15 07:51 AM

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