1. sanjk1's Avatar
    Update was on 70%. Then said please wait. The unavailable server thing came up. Tried it again and now it's 1000mb? What's going on? I had to delete a game to free up space. And it's started the whole process again!!
    New update! What's going on??-img_00000453.png

    Posted via Vader10
    10-24-13 03:26 AM
  2. geHuC's Avatar
    Yep same thing happened to me, it also asks for 3gb free space on the phone :O ( I still can't gasp how 20 apps none of which are games have left me with less than a gig)
    10-24-13 03:36 AM
  3. blueisme's Avatar
    bear with it bro, far more better than us, not even getting the damn update yet
    10-24-13 03:36 AM
  4. keepingsane101's Avatar
    3GB?!?! The heck? Do I need to go out and buy a 64GB microSD card now?

    Posted via CB10
    10-24-13 06:14 AM

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