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    Hey everyone, not sure if this is an issue yet or not but while I was asleep I got a software update on my unlocked BlackBerry Z30 on telus network. As usual when I checked my phone I saw that it has been updated and prompted me to perform a restart, so I did and now my phone has been in the process of restarting and it's stuck at roughly 8% or so. I've attached a picture to show everyone. I've never had any of my BlackBerry get stuck like this. Should I be worried or can this take a long time? It's been stuck like this for about 30mins now and with no signs of budging. Should I just leave the phone alone and see what happens or.. ?! I have no idea what the software update # is either, I just restarted like it had asked me to.
    New software update.. possible issue!? Z30-img_20150409_112107.jpg

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    04-09-15 10:22 AM
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    I just had the same update for z30 on Telus from 2582 to 2708 and prompt to reboot. Mine rebooted fine. Took about 10m in total to reboot.

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    04-09-15 11:38 AM
  3. SiR_JDM's Avatar
    I've never had an issue before like this. It's still stuck on that same reboot screen. I'm on the phone with Telus right now and it sounds like they can't do much cause its an unlocked and the software was pushed by BlackBerry and not telus apparently.

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    04-09-15 11:58 AM
  4. SiR_JDM's Avatar
    I did a hard reset by holding up and down volume buttons and now my phone is working fine! Great news, glad I didn't lose anything. The Telus rep actually was helpful after all. He suggested since the update was already done and the final step was to reboot that it should hopefully be fine to do a hard reset. He did say if my phone got stuck while actually downloading the software he wouldn't recommend the hard reset but since the download was done it should be ok. Glad it's all working fine now!

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    04-09-15 12:17 PM

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