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    i've just received a bnib passport and it's running OS10.3.0.1052... I have to say it's really slick. there are some things in it too that have been removed in newer versions. one thing to note is a huge difference in the number of wifi routers it picks up vs. my updated daily driver passport ( ...7 networks vs 2. wish the mobile reception was better.

    i'm looking for advice on how to migrate to the new phone and whether to/how to update to the latest OS. I understand that I don't want to do a backup/restore. for best results should I do an OTA update, then install the android runtime update, then wipe the phone, then start adding my accounts? I don't remember several of my passwords though...big pain.

    I keep hearing autoloader but my understanding is that this requires a windows pc, which I do not have.

    or should I keep rocking 10.3.0?? flash and wifi are not big factors for me, but I was experiencing bugs with 10.3.2 including screen flicker in the sms app. it really seems like the one remaining dev has added more bugs than he or she has fixed. I also think this may be part of chen's evil plan.

    but I digress..

    i've not yet tried 2876 and the convoluted runtime update...2789 has been good to me, at least from and android app perspective.

    does anyone out there still use an older OS as a daily driver?
    is anyone happy with the newest buggy release and the not-so-well-thought-out runtime patch?


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    I do an OTA update, then install the android runtime update
    If you can install it from BlackBerry World. If not, just update it to, then install the two Android .bar files from, and you're good! Just don't update your phone if BlackBerry prompts you, because it'll just install the newer albeit broken bars you just replaced and you're gonna repeat the process all over again.
    02-20-16 05:33 PM
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    was attempting to do this but hit a dead-end with Sachesi not working anymore. sad days.

    one thing I noticed is that blackberry removed the option to select 'connect to windows or mac' under usb access, I used to have to set this to 'mac' ..however usb mass storage and tethering both seem to work.

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    02-23-16 08:12 PM
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    static ip on both sides of the connection. I dont know why but this works.

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    02-23-16 09:21 PM

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