09-19-13 11:11 AM
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  1. xtremez's Avatar
    Installed this new leak yesterday afternoon, so the battery life has not been stellar but from past experience, it's handling the settling in period better than the past.

    Wonder if it's also perhaps due to me switching from Gmail to Outlook for contacts, calendars etc.

    In additional points, the phone hasn't had ad many moments where it heats up crazily.

    I have also installed the unlocked Android runtime together with the dark theme as well.

    Posted via CB10
    09-08-13 08:54 AM
  2. ami.one's Avatar
    Installed 10.0.1521 yesterday and reinstalled all my apps & side-loads and everything is WORKING PERFECTLY FINE !

    Finally a good 10.2 version that doesn't have any problems (1047 did not have a working hotspot for me)
    09-09-13 05:34 AM
  3. Nikolco Gosev's Avatar
    I have problems with browser and unlocked android runtime.

    Browser doesn't want to play any video... so i'am w/o youtube , Any solution how to fix this?

    Also after i run the unlocked android runtime, every android sideloaded app shows me: No internet Connection!
    09-09-13 05:52 AM
  4. russell hunte's Avatar
    im having a problem sporadicaly, really its a bug, that if i uninstall an app thats within a folder that the placeholder stays there as a blank rectangle that wont launch. also if you try to move this blank icon out of the folder it hard resets the phone...

    just a bug i guess other wise....
    09-12-13 11:53 AM
  5. retomex's Avatar
    So far my only complain (half complaint) is battery life. It's just ok, I expected better. And I miss the squircle...
    09-14-13 01:51 PM
  6. chandu88's Avatar
    Battery is dying at 20 % please help me to get rid of dis issue

    Posted via CB10
    09-19-13 07:52 AM
  7. UdegbunamChuks's Avatar
    Battery is dying at 20 % please help me to get rid of dis issue

    Posted via CB10
    Try charging to 100% and removing the battery while still connected to the wall charger. Then unplug from wall charger and allow to rest overnight. In the morning, put the battery back in and repeat every night

    Worked for me after about 3 times

    Posted via CB10 for BlackBerry Z10 Running BlackBerry 10.2
    09-19-13 09:08 AM
  8. pdpromeo's Avatar
    I have a problem that keeps persisting.
    "SIM Full, SIM is now full and cannot store additional messags. Please delete messages from SIM."

    I cannot find the settings to turn it off either. Even google/forum search it and search for it for a long time.
    There is no "Leave Messages On SIM Card" option...
    Save text messages to your SIM card - How To - BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone - 10.0.0
    09-19-13 11:11 AM
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