11-11-17 12:35 PM
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  1. glwerry's Avatar
    I hope so. Os 10 made blackberry unique. I've got a keyone and could have easily just got any other android with a better camera and display!

    Dunno what these guys are playing at!

    Os10 was a super fine Os. I remember my z10; was the best phone I used.
    What they're playing at is offering a PHYSICAL KEYBOARD and trying to make some money for BB in the process.
    11-06-17 10:18 AM
  2. Doityourself's Avatar
    Os10 should of been kept alive
    11-06-17 10:22 AM
  3. glwerry's Avatar
    Os10 should of been kept alive
    Well, perhaps you could have donated the MILLIONS of dollars that would have been required to do so.

    OS10 and the hardware costs nearly bankrupted Blackberry.

    They abandoned OS10 because it was killing the corporation financially. How, then, does one keep that alive?????????
    11-06-17 10:25 AM
  4. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Hopes, prayers and wishful thinking. When a phones NEW phone comes out though, they just hang on to their Z10 hope that using it means supporting BB already since it is BB10.
    11-06-17 02:10 PM
  5. Doityourself's Avatar
    Not at all. The os was good. They could have easily kept the gestures etc on the keyone. I've had pretty much every BlackBerry that's come out lol! Only thing I like about the keyone black is the long battery life. The design and build quality is poor.

    All the will happen is they will make a quick raise like they did with the passport, z10, q10, PRIV and keyone.

    Then they will flop again.

    Blackberry died a hundred years ago.
    11-06-17 04:14 PM
  6. Doityourself's Avatar
    The display is crap and my God the camera is absolutely tragic. The camera was just focusing every second in and out whilst recording a fireworks display.

    The BlackBerry motion ain't giving me any hope :/
    11-06-17 04:16 PM
  7. Doityourself's Avatar
    I'd rather my bold 9900
    11-06-17 04:17 PM
  8. Davis Rayler's Avatar
    I might buy and X after it drops the price by... a lot. xD

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-17 06:18 PM
  9. m1k3_666's Avatar
    It is a nice device, but durability is an issue, do not know how many times my BlackBerry fell over the last years and never ever a broken screen... with iPhone X the repair would cost as much as a mid tier phone...
    i_plod_an_dr_void likes this.
    11-09-17 05:03 AM
  10. firdausikal's Avatar
    This is the reason why i dont like iPhone

    Posted via Classic
    11-10-17 10:34 PM
  11. i_plod_an_dr_void's Avatar
    And even if one could, you'd think whoever owns webOS could grill BlackBerry for that.
    Well if so, and I aint sayin it is, then the right thing needs to be done here. Make BB10 GREAT AGAIN, and then we can do justice to webOS so they can get royalties from BB10, otherwise BB will just have to sue Apple ----not as a-peeling!
    11-11-17 12:35 PM
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