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    I upgraded my OS from 2267 to 2708 a week back. On one of my long outdoors, my battery charge came down to 8% and then I noticed that the size of icons on the home screen reduced significantly. Even the apps when swiped back were of smaller size than the usual.
    Once plugged in for charging and exiting the battery saving mode the icons returned to normal size. So I thought perhaps it is a new feature of 2708 to save battery. But when today again in a similar circumstance ( battery at 6% charge) nothing such happened..... The icons remained unchanged....
    So now I'm wondering whether that was a bug or a feature.. perhaps I am writing the post too early and should have done some more research before coming out here but my curiosity led me here to share the experience and know if something similar has happened to other people also.....
    BTW I am attaching the screen shots of smaller icons for an idea.

    New feature or bug in battery saving mode in 2708!!!!-img_20150403_191400.png
    New feature or bug in battery saving mode in 2708!!!!-img_20150403_194503.png

    Z10 STL100-1, India
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    That's a bug.

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    04-09-15 10:41 AM

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