1. adamkurihara's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    Sorry if this question has been answered... tried searching around and couldn't find anything.

    On my old 9900, by removing "type to search" on the home screen, each key became an app launch shortcuts activated by a simple short press. Tap "B" for browser, "M" for messages, etc... Long press was reserved for speed dials, which I used a lot.

    It seems to me like on OS10, there is no way to disable the "launch assistant by typing" feature, and all shortcuts (app launch and speed dial) must be "long press."

    Is there anyway to go back to the old way? I'm a classic user for god sakes...I liked it the old way! I find the lag for long presses followed by the sluggish launch animation cumbersome compared to the snappy short press launches on my 9900.

    Any suggestions?

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-15 12:42 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Nope. It is what it is AFAIK.. considering before the Classic the long press method wasn't even really available except on leaked version of 10.3.1 for the Passport, it's a blessing to have even that.
    04-24-15 01:56 PM
  3. adamkurihara's Avatar
    Too bad, because I loved having long press for speed dials, and short press for app launches on the 9900.

    Posted via CB10
    06-17-15 08:31 AM

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