1. double_fault's Avatar
    The new Hub looks very bland and washed out looking to me. The former blue HUB banner at the top is just plain white ....basically the same pale look as the other entries underneath in Hub. And the text massages are all very bland charcoal. No differentiation between sender and receiver.

    Is this the same for every one else?


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    02-20-15 10:49 PM
  2. Lostonline's Avatar
    It hasn't occurred to anyone @ BlackBerry that we may have wanted the dark theme to remain.

    They took it upon themselves to force this on everyone.

    And for ****s and giggles they broke the calendar too.
    02-20-15 11:32 PM
  3. jhanks64's Avatar
    I don't like the new colors at all. I've kinda gotten used to it, but it's too bland to me, especially working in the Hub.
    02-27-15 06:28 AM
  4. br14nh's Avatar
    I agree with the above. I also find the font used for the menu items/time to be less readable than before - this theme is harder on the eyes and makes it harder to make immediate sense of the text on the display...... it smacks of change for the sake of change, I definitely preferred the contrast and readability of the previous OS......
    The Calendar is fixable to a large extent by loading a ~.bar file posted by bBOLD723 that replaces dots with bars from 10.3.0 - doesn't work for all but is OK on my Z30...... (just remember to disable automatic updates so the change doesn't get clobbered by the latest files being re-installed!!)
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    03-24-15 07:28 PM
  5. mithrazor's Avatar
    Yeah it does look very plain and bland.

    It's clean, which was their focus. But also plain.

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    03-24-15 08:32 PM
  6. celticmagick's Avatar
    I think the current Hub in black would look best. I hated that bright blue on white look from 10.2.1. The problem, at least for me, with the 10.3.1 hub is that it is too bright.

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    03-24-15 08:47 PM
  7. JamBueree's Avatar
    I kinda miss the 10.2 appearance as well but I've been on 10.3 for so long that I don't really mind it anymore.
    03-24-15 10:38 PM
  8. kvpiet2011's Avatar
    it's perfectly fine for me
    03-24-15 11:36 PM

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