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    Now since the update came on time and pretty much smoothly, people already started talking about the next update and waiting for the next leak including me. Our demand for more and more features will never end, we want everything possible on the hardware we are holding in our hands.

    I might be wrong but how many such big updates come in ios and android, do they have their own Michael Clewley talking to the users on features and feedback and giving updates pre launch.

    We want all the apps, at the same time we want it not to be an android phone, we want all the security at the same time we want all the apps that too free, we want the best camera in world at the same time we dont want it to be a nokia, is it possible at all, we want it to be affordable at the same time we don't want it to be unknown brand phone, we the customers want everything.

    We should think differently, we want the best keyboard and at the same time we have got BlackBerry, we want the best messenger at the same time we got bbm, we want the best productivity phone and at the same time we have got the Hub.

    There's already posts going on 10.3 features, once it leaks, there will be the wait for the official release and the cycle continues. I agree there will be few things missing here and there, but tell me one product of any company of any segment, which has everything , or even a human being who has everything or talented in everything. Not possible.

    Guys just take a break and thank BlackBerry for so many improvements so fast, let them know we are liking it whatever they are doing, except few goof ups here and there, let us give some time now to the BlackBerry guys, let us enjoy the latest OS update which I think is very matured for our needs, and wait for BlackBerry next move or a major update.

    Many will argue that all the features released today should have been in the first BlackBerry 10 OS features list, I don't agree to that just because all these things needs some time, some confidence from the users when a new platform is launched, some encouragement from BlackBerry loyal fans by showing the support and love.

    Dear BlackBerry,
    Thanks for all the support, updates, we are loving it, keep them coming at your convenience, no rush, except the new bbm for ios and android, because we started waiting for that long back.

    Swiped left right up down with a Z10,

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    01-28-14 11:21 AM
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    I don't want to harsh your mellow because I believe they have made great strides. The but to this is that my own personal opinion is that this latest update takes bb10 to the point that it should have been when the z10 was launched.

    I'm glad they've made progress, I've been with BlackBerry for many years (since (7290) and I'm with them now, however these are my honest thoughts. I hope they continue to improve and learn to market and protect their future.

    As for always wanting more, let's not curve that appetite. It's what keeps technology advancing. If humans were ever satisfied, we'd still be living in a cave.

    Good post and good sentiments from you.

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    01-28-14 11:33 AM
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    I am also not saying that if they had provided all these features at the bb10 launch, it would have been something very advanced for us to use and understand, these were needed right from the start, I agree to this only for half of the features list, right from the start thing is not true for many features, like for apk installation, for the picture password, for the channels, these are big things specially channels, apk thing.

    What I am saying is its not that they stopped working after the first launch, they are pretty much active in removing the deficiencies. New management, new strategy, it takes some serious amount of time for a brand new OS to launch and get matured.

    Well its true that craving for more is must in this competitive world, like I said the bbm update for ios and android I am waiting so eagerly for, at the same time I do believe with whatever updates coming in future it will never happen that someone starts a post saying I am totally satisfied with the OS now and don't want anything more, thats impossible to happen, I just wanted to say with today's launch they deserve some cheers and some time to relax and think for the next major OS update.

    Cheers and enjoy BlackBerry best OS till next comes.

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    01-28-14 12:10 PM

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