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    How odd is this? I was on my home wifi, and have the "only use wifi" option checked in the Netflix app, but suddenly I got a warning that I'd blasted through 90% of my data, and by the time I realized what was happening I'd gone over. You can see below that I was apparently on both simultaneously.

    Any way to avoid this? Nothing else has ever touched my data while I was on wifi.

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    11-19-14 01:10 AM
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    Which os are you on? I have 2 Z10's on different os's. My Z10 on had the wifi connected symbol showing as on, but it was connected to our home wifi while had no wifi Internet connection. It used the carrier signal and used data while the other Z10 (on 10.3.0) did show 4G LTE symbol. Both phones had wifi on.
    Now we both are on and hope the phones alert us to "wifi connection limited" and show the 4G LTE symbol so we can stay off the internet until such time as the phone does reconnect to wifi.

    Crackberry Genius on Verizon Z10/
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    11-19-14 02:15 AM
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    while on wifi always turn off your data services. settings , networks and connection, mobile network, data services to avoid using ur mobile data.
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    11-19-14 02:20 AM
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    If you are on wifi and the Internet drops out then you will use mobile data despite still being connected to a wireless access point.

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    11-19-14 10:54 AM
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    Thanks for the tip about the data services, I'd wondered about that one. Netflix is the only data heavy thing I use, so I'll be sure to do it for that.

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    11-19-14 01:26 PM
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    Wow, I hope the overage doesn't cost you too much. Good thing to be aware with Netflix.

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    11-19-14 01:31 PM
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    Turning your mobile data off is hardly a solution.

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    11-19-14 01:38 PM
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    By your chart it actually kinda looks like your dropping wifi connection.

    If netflix was now using wifi your reading under wifi would be 0mb not 96mb

    One of few things is happening.

    Your router is configured incorrectly and is booting your device off to save bandwidth

    Your device is dropping wifi possibly due to a bad radio ( are you on a leak)

    You've actually forgot to turn on wifi a couple times

    If your on 10.3 or later netflix is running in the background after you close the active frame

    In Squircle I Trust
    11-19-14 02:37 PM
  9. mhg0157's Avatar
    Well I'm on Z30STA100-3/ which I think was officially released. As for Netflix, I got it thru Snap and immediately checked off not to use mobile data under settings. It definitely wasn't running in the background - during this period I was streaming Arres Development. The bizarre thing to me is that you can see it was using a blend of wifi and data at the same time. I'm always on the wifi, and it shows the wifi is being used the whole time it was also sucking up data.

    Like I said, nothing else touched data while I was on wifi all month, so this is purely an issue for me with Netflix.

    I wonder if it could be as simple as me needing to restart the app after I checked not to use data. I'll see what happens when my cycle restarts (I got slapped with a $15 overage).

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    11-19-14 03:04 PM
  10. mhg0157's Avatar
    OK, I fired it up again - definitely on wifi, nothing else is using Mobile data, and as you can see Netflix started dipping into data again. I think I'm just going to stop using it for now, or turn off data.
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    11-19-14 03:12 PM
  11. oystersourced's Avatar
    10.3.0 was not released for the Z30.

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    11-19-14 07:32 PM
  12. GP540's Avatar
    10.3.0 was not released for the Z30.

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    Correct there's your problem I bet if you load 10.2.1 official this will no longer be an issue.

    I'm interested to see this screen on your device with netflix shown.

    Netflix used mobile data while on wifi-img_20141119_193348.png

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    11-19-14 08:34 PM
  13. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    I do that quite regularly. Make sure mobile data is off. Peace of mind. :-)

    Swipe down for quick settings and make sure it looks pretty much like this...

    Netflix used mobile data while on wifi-img_20141120_164755.png

    (ignore the 3G/2G, if you're in an LTE/4G are)

    Leave the settings app open right there as a reminder to toggle back on later (after the session)....

    ? ? ? Qchen ? ? ?
    11-20-14 12:50 AM
  14. mhg0157's Avatar
    Correct there's your problem I bet if you load 10.2.1 official this will no longer be an issue.

    I'm interested to see this screen on your device with netflix shown.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In Squircle I Trust
    This is what I get for trying to play God!!!!

    Well, I wiped and autoloaded this evening, and thus far I've decided to stay away from Netflix, so this will remain one for the mystery books.

    Thanks to all for the advice and suggestions!

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    11-20-14 01:08 AM

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