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    I have had a Q10 since they first came out. Also a PlayBook. I have used the PlayBook minimally. The Q10 is my work device (I have no personal life). I have a few apps from BlackBerry App World that I bought for/with the Q10, and a few I bought for/with the PlayBook. So far, no problem.

    I always have just had and used my one single BlackBerry ID account. That worked fine for both devices, and for the apps I got on them. No problem.

    I have never used BBM, though it seems I did do the initial, basic BBM setup on the Q10 when I first got it. I go in now and it is set up. It's just empty.

    A couple days ago, I got a Z30 to use as a secondary device, with the Q10 remaining as my primary. I have a phone line for the Z30 but I will only use it for phone or text as an emergency backup phone on rare occasions when the Q10 isn't available or practical. (I expect the Z30 will largely render the PlayBook no longer all that useful -- recording and playing back videos may be the only exception, but I'll be favoring the Z30.)

    I did set up my Exchange mailbox with ActiveSync on the Z30, and have setup a few other apps/accounts on the Z30. Box, Evernote, and Skype all seem eminently practical to use on the Z30 "as well as" on the Q10, whichever I feel like using at the time or whichever is most handy. They all sync and work fine on multiple devices, so there should be on issue at all. And so far, having them on both the Q10 and Z30, I see now issues at all.

    When I activated the Z30, I entered my one and only BlackBerry ID to get it activated. I had Verizon senior-level tech support on the line at the time and they said that that seemed fine to them -- to keep the one BlackBerry ID for both devices -- and to go for it and see how it worked. I did and it seemed fine I wondered if I'd have to re-purchase the BlackBerry App World apps that I already had on my Q10 in order to also put them on the Z30, but sure enough My World on the Z30 showed them all in the Available tab and I was able to download all of them without an issue.

    No problem. Still.

    But then I set up LinkedIn on the Z30. I left "Sync Messages" enabled after checking online and discovering that turning it off could cause issues.

    Fine so far.

    But now whenever I open LinkedIn, it gives me a message at the top saying "BBM Setup Required -- You must setup BBM before you can connect LinkedIn to BBM. -- Cancel | Continue"

    When I hit Continue, though, it says, "BBM Setup -- The BlackBerry ID (me@mydomain.com) is already associated with BBM on another device. Do you want to switch your BBM information to your current device? -- Exit | Switch BBM"


    I presume this means I need to obtain a new BlackBerry ID for the Z30, doesn't it? (Especially if I ever want to use BBM -- and do so with either device as I choose. Or even if I just want this prompt to stop showing up, which I can hit Exit on but which returns each time I open LinkedIn.)

    Anything else I also need to know about managing these two separate devices? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


    EDIT: Just found this, which really has me confused: Can I use my BlackBerry ID on multiple devices?
    02-01-14 03:41 AM
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    BBM accounts have to only be assigned to one account/phone because it will cause problems with messages.

    For example you cannot have the same number on your q10 and z30, that's not possible either because how can the aim determine incoming and outbound calls.

    BBM is like that if it makes it easier.

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    02-01-14 03:49 AM
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    As far as I'm aware BBM works on your device's PIN and BB ID and the BB ID can't be associated with two PINs hence "...The BlackBerry ID (me@mydomain.com) is already associated with BBM on another device. Do you want to switch your BBM information to your current device?"

    If BBM was associated only with your BB ID (and not the PIN as well) then you'll only need one BB ID like you can have one email account across devices.

    But I would be happy to be proven wrong as it is a nuisance to have separate BBM accounts for multiple devices. We should be given the choice if it's technically possible.
    02-01-14 04:11 AM
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    BBM accounts have to only be assigned to one account/phone because it will cause problems with messages.

    For example you cannot have the same number on your q10 and z30, that's not possible either because how can the aim determine incoming and outbound calls.

    BBM is like that if it makes it easier.

    Posted via CB10
    Thanks very much.

    I've now done a bunch of searching (yes, shoulda done that first, I know, just that lately little off what I've wanted to search for info on had things comes up). So, what I'm seeing is this:

    1. It's fine to have multiple BB10 devices using one BB ID.

    2. Doing so means they share the apps from App World.

    3. Doing so also means they cannot share BBM -- that has to be on one device or the other, but can't be on both.

    4. It's fine to have "separate" BB IDs for each of the two devices.

    5. Doing so just means you have to purchase the apps separately (which is fine with me -- they're cheap enough and the developers deserve it).

    6. Doing so also means you can use BBM on both devices.

    7. Changing the BB ID associated with a device can only be done by wiping the device.

    8. Even if you have two BB10 devices using two separate BB IDs, you can have them both listed in your online BB Protect account under one BB ID.

    Is that all correct so far? If so, my questions boil down to the following:

    A. Once I do get into using BBM (assuming I will sometime soon -- so far I have not but I am a loyal BB user and a semi-power business user at that), will I be generally happier if I have it on both devices or just on one that I should pick to be my "only" BBM device?

    B. Even if I decide to only keep BBM on one device, it seems it's generally more practical to have two separate BB IDs for each device anyway. Why not do that, right?

    C. Even with two BB IDs for the two devices, is it generally better to keep them both listed under one account in BB Protect?

    D. With two BB IDs for the two devices, I assume that presents no problems in using BB Link for both devices, is that correct?

    Thanks so much!
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    02-01-14 04:15 AM
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    Bumping my thread, here. Is there nobody who has the necessary experience in this area to help advise me, please?

    Q10 is being used as main driver -- phone, text, main communication too, etc.

    Z30 is being used mainly as media tool (yes tool, not toy -- business and personal trainings mostly).

    LinkedIn seems more practical to use on the Z30. It requires BBM. BBM can only have one BB ID per BBM account, meaning if two phones share one account only one can have BBM - and thus LinkedIn. This is just one example of where I need to weigh pros and cons to make decisions.

    I don't even use BBM as yet, so I have zero experience upon which to judge. But I'm sure I will in the future, and prefer to build to allow for it now.

    Will BB Link software be fine with two BB IDs? And if so, do I have to close it and relaunch it to change between the two devices via USB?

    I can live without connecting LinkedIn to a BBM account -- it's just a prompt I get each time I launch, which I can just ignore and close. Or I can live with using LinkedIn on just one phone.

    And as I said, I don't mind at all that with two BB IDs I have to buy my apps twice.

    But in general, the broader questions of the pros and cons of two BlackBerry IDs for the two devices versus just keeping one for the two... I'd really appreciate some knowledgeable advice if anyone has enough experience in this area to help me feel my way on this.

    Thanks very much.
    02-15-14 09:57 PM
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    Bumping this for you as you raised some good questions and I just purchased a red Passport, so I'm in your boat now.

    Z30STA100-5/ /Telus
    11-28-14 06:56 PM
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    I have 2 devices with different BBIDS and Link recognized them as separate devices.

    I haven't used Blend yet, but I assume it would be similar.

    I like having different BBIDS so that I can have BBM on both. Makes it handy if I need to lend a device to a family member.
    11-28-14 08:46 PM
  8. Thalakar's Avatar
    Link connects to both if Wifi enabled. Don't see any issues if you want you can login / out to each profile.

    BBM seems to be the only issue for me.

    Be careful mucking with the bbmids a somehow one of mine got deleted and I had to recreate and my existing profile was "moved" to the new one somehow.

    Once you integrate a bbmid with a phone that phone (not the ID) seems to tie itself to the bbmid and only a device wipe would properly allow you to change it. (At least that's how it worked for me)

    Posted via CB10
    11-29-14 12:44 AM
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    LinkedIn does not require access to BBM to work. Go into security > application permissions> LinkedIn and uncheck the BBM boxes

    11-29-14 07:53 AM

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