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    My phonebook is a mess.

    I am using Outlook 2013 with Social Connector enabled for Facebook and LinkedIn. I was using BB OS7 too, at a point of time BBM contacts got sync'ed to Outlook as well. Now all of these contacts got sync'ed to my Z30... and when I installed Sykpe its contact added up to the mess too.

    There are a number of duplicated contacts, also a bunch of same person but with different entry in BBM, Skype, Facebook or LinkedIn but somehow I can not link it (by the way I am on OS, some contacts from Outlook/Exchange are missing on my phone too...

    It's a total mess. Any suggestion for a good way to clean this up?

    I have uninstalled Outlook Social Connectors, removed accounts from both Outlook and Blackberry but it was too late. All of these Contacts are already on Exchange server.
    10-13-14 09:22 PM

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