1. kushyupshah's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    I've tried all of the apk to bar convertors online but none of them seem to be allowing my app to working properly on the Z10. I was wondering if anyone who has been able to use the convertor program, put out by BB, to convert it into .bar format. Please PM me if you can help.
    07-07-13 11:20 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Well, I have had no problems with apk2bar.unker.net. What does happen is that some android apps just don't workno matter how you convert them. You gotta keep that in mind.

    You could thought, try converting them using the method here: How to run almost any Android 2.3.3 app on BlackBerry 10 [Windows Guide] | CrackBerry.com

    Still, this does not garantee the app will work. It has to be a 2.3.3 app and it may still crash.
    07-07-13 11:35 AM

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