11-12-15 02:25 PM
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  1. southlander's Avatar
    Or at least add ignore user to CB10 app. It sucks reading same drivel from same people over and over until you can get to a desktop to do it.

    Posted via CB10
    Agreed. People for years have said "just add to the ignore list" as if everyone's on a desktop. Which, is less likely as time goes on.
    11-12-15 10:07 AM
  2. chenageddon's Avatar
    At some point, the number of CrackBerry visitors on Android will surpass the BB10 visitors. Probably sooner than you might think since there seem to be a ton of Priv early adopters who are active vs BB10 users whos devices aren't new and don't have a lot of questions. Does that mean that BB10 users need to go away, then?
    11-12-15 10:24 AM
  3. gjh1978's Avatar
    I think that many would agree with me that we have enough threads about BB10 dead, BB going out of business, BB this BB that.
    If you feel the need to express this, and feel joy over having devices like the priv or countless hundreds of other generic android pieces of equipment, you have hundreds of forums to become a member of and stroke each other with other like-minded people.

    Last I checked this part of the forums is dedicated to the BB10 OS and I'd like to be able to continue using it for that purpose. I understand that the closet android or ios lovers attending here feel the impulsive need to boast, but it really isn't necessary. If the OS is fading, that's fine, and if you feel the need to boast about it, then you have many other forums that you can make new clone of yourself friends with.

    Please go away if you have nothing constructive to add to this subforum of the great Crackberry.

    I really dislike android and google overseer but you will never see me going to android forums to bash them. To each their own my friends.
    So basically you wish to live in a rose colored world where everyone agrees with your viewpoint...and has no criticism about anything at all??

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    11-12-15 11:05 AM
  4. BCITMike's Avatar
    So basically you wish to live in a rose colored world where everyone agrees with your viewpoint...and has no criticism about anything at all??

    No. No. No.

    The complaint is that IT'S ALL FRIGGIN REDUNDANT. Very little of what is repeated is new/different/helpful/useful. I can see the same usernames post the same stuff over and over and over. Ignore is not a solution, and so its irritating. The community is definitely the worst as I've seen it in the years I've been coming. As a Crackberry user, either you say something to try and not keep sucking, or you leave the site. Obviously, try option 1 first.
    11-12-15 12:53 PM
  5. Zeddepher's Avatar
    Even this thread is attracting trolls...

    CB10 via BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition
    11-12-15 02:09 PM
  6. ZeBB45's Avatar
    The only viable solution is that BB10 enthusiasts likes myself, are to stick to the BB10 OS and respective devices subforums. It would be great if the mods were to take a zero tolerance approach in those subforms to remove android trolls. This way, we BB10 supporters can be left to our own devices, no pun intended lol!

    What's happened to our Crackberry! ...

    Q10 - .2474  < α∂∂ιт > 
    11-12-15 02:25 PM
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