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    There are two things in life which I love the most - 1. My BlackBerry Passport, 2. Automobiles.

    Okay, maybe not the most, but you get the idea. So I was pretty peeved when I realised that I could not play the game on my Passport. As you may know, the .apk Real Racing 3 file from Google Play is barely compatible (read: unusable) on our BB10 OS.

    Anyway, first post, so getting to the point, I've managed to install, albeit indirectly, the NATIVE REAL RACING 3 (RR3) app from the BlackBerry World. (Heads up - This method won't work unless you have the main requirement: a BlackBerry device, preferably a Q10, compatible with native RR3 from the BB World)

    I had previously installed this on my Q10 that I still own, which was key to how I installed the game on my current device.

    This took a bit of trial and error as I couldn't find a solid solution, even after trawling the forums, and I think this is the best so far.


    First and foremost, you'll need:
    1. As mentioned earlier, a BlackBerry device, preferably a Q10, compatible with native RR3 from the BB World
    2. USB connection to a computer with BlackBerry Link software installed
    3. WiFi connection

    The way I made it work was through a "partial device switch" from my old Q10 to current Passport.

    *Disclaimer: the following method worked for me but might not work for everyone, please do not assume it's a guaranteed one, just be careful and proceed at your own risk.

    1. Download the RR3 file from BB World into the compatible device (in my case, the Q10). I do not think the secondary, automatic installation file upon app startup is necessary.

    2. Start BB Link.

    3. *Optional step (but recommended) - Do a full backup of current device using the 'Backup & Restore' Tab.

    4. Go to the the 'Home Tab'. You should see a function called 'Device Switch'.

    5. Follow the on-screen instructions, you'll have to connect your current ('new') device to the computer and select it. There should be 9 PARTS in total, and this is Part 1.

    6. After the next few steps, the software will prompt you to plug your older device in and select it. Plug the RR3-compatible device with RR3 installed.

    7. There will be a screen which asks you which data you would like to transfer over. UNCHECK ALL BOXES (important to prevent data overwrites), except for 'Real Racing 3', under the 'Applications' list.

    8. The software will copy said file to the computer as a backup file.

    9. Connect your current ('new') device to the computer and complete the 'device switch'.

    10. Current device will restart. All existing data on your current phone will remain INTACT, except that RR3 has been installed.

    11. Connect device to WiFi, start the RR3 file, and let the ~1GB game data automatically download.

    12. That's it!


    My BlackBerry Passport handles the game very nicely. Gameplay graphics are sharp, smooth and beautiful, loading is very, very fast compared to my Q10. Case in point, it's worth every minute of this slightly inconvenient downloading method. However, I have experienced a few issues which you should take note of.

    Firstly, there is more or less no Internet connection in the game, it is offline as mentioned earlier, so be prepared for certain unusable functions.

    There are very minor graphic irregularities, none too serious.

    The version which will automatically download into the device is very old.

    Running the game should only be done with the device in LANDSCAPE aka sideways, Rotation Lock - OFF. Only start the game when your device is Landscape.

    There will be problems with the steering controls, so very frequent steering calibration after every few races WILL be necessary. I found that to reduce this frequency of this issue, avoid minimising the game if possible. If you have to, minimise AND maximise the game only in LANDSCAPE. Sometimes, the calibration might stop working altogether. Exit and restart game when that happens.

    Attached screencaps show the device running the game. Thanks for reading!

    NATIVE REAL RACING 3 on BB PASSPORT-img_20151119_200808.png
    NATIVE REAL RACING 3 on BB PASSPORT-img_20151120_205556.png
    NATIVE REAL RACING 3 on BB PASSPORT-img_20151120_205630.png
    NATIVE REAL RACING 3 on BB PASSPORT-img_20151120_184513.png
    NATIVE REAL RACING 3 on BB PASSPORT-img_20151120_204751.png

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    Is there a version which still works on BB10, I am with BB Classic.
    06-03-17 01:43 PM
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    Not an answer to your question exactly, but... My son and me enjoy Renault Truck racing Android APK on the Classic. Has similar steering control as described above.

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    06-03-17 03:36 PM
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    There was just an update for RR3 a couple of days ago, of course on another platform.

    Been with EA Sports RR franchise since day one.
    To truly enjoy the game why not just get a cheap Ipod. The version on your Q10 will never update. You are really missing out on tons of features the BBW version never had.

     Passport SQW100-1/, Q10 SQN100-5/, Classic SQC100-4/ 
    06-04-17 11:47 PM

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