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    Hi fellow crackberrians. Before you take of my head, the reason I posted this on the OS 10 forums rather than the Q10 forums is my problem is more of a general problem I think, something that may happen not specifically to the Q10 solely.

    So as the title says, my Q10 just died on me. Meaning no response when turned on, connected to PC,connected to BB link, charged for more than 24 hours. So here's what happened:

    My Q10 was working perfectly with no battery issues, nor any issues at all. Then, for some damn reason I really regret up to now, I turned off my BlackBerry, removed the battery, and set it still for about 30 minutes. Thinking that I'm letting my BlackBerry rest, being that I love it so much and it's been 3 days since I turned it off. You see, I did this before, sometime for about 1 hour, but not frequently really. Sometimes, just once a month, and nothing happens.

    So come present time, after i reinserted the battery, no response was seen, nothing, no LED lights, no vobration, nothing on the screen, just plain nothing. I charged it for more than a day, did not press anything, still nothing happened. I removed the battery once again, let it rest for 2 days, reinserted the battery, still nothing. I removed the battery, sim card and SD card, let it rest for a day, reinserted JUST the battery, still nothing.

    So here's a summary if what I did to rule out anything.

    1) Charged the phone with JUST the battery for more than a day = nothing
    2) Removed the battery, sim card, SD card, let it stay for a few hours, then charged just the phone for about 12 hours = nothing
    3) Let the phone rest with NOTHING in it, then tried to charge for some hours = nothing
    4) Inserted everything in, battery, sim card, SD card, then charged the phone for a full day = nothing
    5) Removed the battery, sim card, SD card, let it stay for a few hours, then inserted the battery, powered on = nothing
    6) Repeated the above with a 2 NEW batteries (which I bought from an authorized BlackBerry retailer, seeing that I was too desperate to revive my phone) = nothing
    7) Plugged my device on my PC with BlackBerry link for a few hours, PC nor BlackBerry Linkdoes not even detect BlackBerry
    8) Pressed volume up and down button at the same time (HARD RESET) for 30 seconds = nothing

    Please also note that there are no service centers of BlackBerry here where I live being that they all closed down a year ago. And, well, I don't have that much money for a new phone (especially I spent some of it for the 2 new batteries) since I am just a working student, even if the Q10 is that cheap nowadays, besides, can't find anywhere that sells the Q10 in my area anyhow.

    So now I'm using just my old Nokia (yep, the really old java type one) as my daily phone. Any one at all has any idea no matter how weird it may be? Thinking of jump-starting it with a battery car to live.
    02-08-15 03:57 PM
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    Try pressing and holding the power button for a long while.

    Posted via CB10
    02-08-15 04:22 PM

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